Somali Journalist kidnapped in Mogadishu


National Union of Somali Journalists today condemned the kidnapping of Hanad Ali Guled a radio journalist who was snatched by unknown gunmen near his house in Southern Mogadishu.


According to Hanad’s wife Hani Abdulkadir whom the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) contacted told “Armed militias snatched the journalist soon after he get out from his house on Saturday morning. He briefly told me that he was being kidnapped by gunmen but he couldn’t keep on talking and was ordered his phone off” Hani told NUSOJ on the phone.

“We are very concerned for the safety of our colleague and we don’t know where he was taken to, therefore we request government security agencies to take an urgent action to make sure the journalist to be released from captivity” Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu the Secretary General of National Union of Somali journalists (NUSOJ) said.

“The fate of my colleague Hanad Ali Guled remains unknown, after he was kidnapped by unknown gunmen this morning “A close colleague Ahmedweli Hussien wrote on his twitter account @Axmed_wali2 “

The kidnapped journalist Hanad Ali Guled works for Goobjoog TV as a news producer and he was also recently involving Media For Aid which is a Humanitarian hub formed by group of Somali Journalists whose their objective is to help journalists and draught effected people in Mogadishu .

Goobjoog Media Group confirmed the kidnapping and wrote also on its official Twitter @Goobjoognews “Goobjoog TV news producer Hanad Ali Guled still missing after he was kidnapped this morning outside his home in the outskirts of #Mogadishu”

NUSOJ will chase this case very closely and update you all developments.