Response to Somaliland’s foreign minister letter in the Washington post 27 march 2017.


I like to respond to the above letter that appeared in the Washington post in which Mr.Ali Shire so, called Somaliland foreign minister argues why the executive order signed by US president Trump should affect Somaliland yet, it’s an independent country.Mr.shire is behaving like the proverbial ostrich that buries its head in the sand. Sir with all due respect to your office, I totally disagree with you on several fronts.


1. The independence has not been recognized by either the mother country or a nationwide referendum throughout Somalia was not carried out, hence its dishonesty on your part to mislead the readers.

2. According to the world map there is only one Somalia and the state of Somaliland is part of the federal 6 states that is why senior technocrats who are your next of kin are in senior positions in the federal cabinet, the question is who is fooling who?

3. Mr.Shire, a man of your status is expected to be analytic, logical and frank as the world is reading, I thought prudency dictates to filter sycophancy from reality. In this regard which country accepts your passports?, as the semi-enclave is not recognized by any country except the one and only country that wishes to see Somalia in tiny emirates that are powerless and crawl on their feet for protection.Mr.Shire remember this is not the path to re-establish the self esteem of the over 30 million Somalis in Eastern Africa. Remember policies that your make today shall be a chain dandling from the neck of generations to come. Do not be short- sighted.

4.For the last few years,there has been discussions between the federal authorities in Mogadishu and the state of Somaliland on the way forward.The last one was in Istabul,with such publicized meetings flashed around in TV screens and yet the same breath your argument in the article looks like your are from Mars.

Response to Somaliland's foreign minister letter in the Washington post 27 march 2017.

Response to Somaliland’s foreign minister letter in the Washington post 27 march 2017.

The reality Mr.Shire is that all the brothers and sisters from the state use Federal passport all around the world, that is a fact and progressive independent minded individuals can a test to this. So watch your back, Sir.

5.Finally I wish to give you the coup-de-grass, which is not part of your calculation. There are several regions in Africa,who have one or more grievances against a country.Examples,include,DRC(Katanga question),Tanzania(the Zanzibar question),Cameroon(the English speaking region)Senegal(the kasamont question)Mali(the barbers Question) the list goes on and on.

The AU does not want to set a precedent in these issues. After all, many have legitimate issues based on differences such as culture, religion, languages etc.There are no such issues in your case.

As for the civil war, all Somalis were victims in one way or the other and no community suffered the brunt of the conflict than mine, yet it’s a taboo to mention the issues you so much relish in telling to the world.

Finally the Federal republic has given space on reasonable concerns that can be addressed only under the umbrella of the Federal Republic constitution, any other short cuts shall lead to frustrations and the bleeding shall continue, Let reality over ride propaganda.

Prof.Adan Nunow-Lecturer Arlaadi University-Baidoa.