Eng. Yarisow “My top priority is to promote the freedom of expression in Somalia.”


H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) today takes office from former Minister H.E. Mohamed Abdi Hayir (Mareye) in a well-organized ceremony at the premises of the Ministry in Mogadishu with the presence of H.E. Mahdi Mohamud Guled (Khadar) the Deputy Prime Minister.


The Deputy Prime Minister emphasised the importance of media development in Somalia and encouraged the new Minister to excel improving the media sector in Somalia, as public has a huge confidence and expectation from the new Minister.
Former Minister of Information Mareye wholeheartedly thanked the entire staff for their commitment and urged them to work with the new Minister. Minister Mareye said “Eng. Yarisow is not someone knew to you as he was the Minister of Information in 2010 and since that time he worked as Government Spokesperson and Senior Advisor to the Government, and I am very confident that he will excel to develop Somali media further.
Since from the date his appointment was officially announced Somali media stakeholders and Somali public collectively applauded him through the various media outlets including social media. This clearly demonstrates that he has already got the confidence of all stakeholders that he will do well with his national responsibilities. I wish him every success from the bottom of my heart.”

H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) similarly thanked Minister Mareye and the entire staff of the Ministry for the good and candid work that they have done for the ministry and for the country as whole. He also immensely and sincerely thanked the overwhelming support and confidence that he received from media practitioners and public since his appointment as the Minister of Information was officially announced. Eng Yarisow said “I cannot comprise in few words or lines for thanking the Somali people and my other foreign friends for their enormous congratulations and encouragement notes during the last 10 days or so since I was appointed as Minister of Information. I want you all to help me further to working with me to lead the development of Somali media further in order to meet the higher confidence and expectations that you showed me. I am committed and determined to lead the Ministry while working closely with all key stakeholders including public and private media outlets in the country. Yes, we can do it.”

Eng. Yarisow outlined his vision and priorities to develop Somali media further and said “My top priority it to promote the freedom of expression in Somalia, as enshrined in our provision constitution, Article 18 (1) says “Every person has the right to have and express their opinions and to receive and impart their opinion, information and ideas in any way.” My other priorities include the implementation of Somali Media Strategy, Building the capacity of media practitioners (public and private), implementing Somali Media Law, the establishment of a Media Council that will regulate the media sector, the establishment of Public Service Broadcaster in the country for the first time, and to establish public awareness campaigns on constitutional making process, federalism, security and stabilization, democratization process leading to a universal one person one vote, nationalism, countering violent extremism, patriotism, peacefulness of the religion and so on.”

H.E. Eng. Yarisow emphasised the importance of collective work and urged everyone to take part in the process. He said “I alone cannot deliver, therefore, it is essential for everyone to take part the history making of developing Somali media further. The Federal Government of Somalia has the confidence and the support of the people, therefore, we need to establish public awareness campaigns to all key issues that matter to public in order to bridge the gap between the public and the government, as we want to renew and implement excellent partnership-working between the public and the government. I look forward to all stakeholders’ outstanding teamwork so we can improve the quality of media in the country.”

Ministry of Information & Public Awareness