Abducted Somali Journalist has been found alive despite badly tortured.


Goobjoog TV producer Hanad Ali Guled is found alive and handcuffed in a farm outside Afgooye town about 30 KM south of the Somali capital Mogadishu after he was released by the captors early Sunday.


A Journalist Guled who seemed weak and feeling terrible pain told NUSOJ that he was badly tortured and sustained injuries particularly hands and chest.

Goobjoog Media Group director Hassan Mohamud said his state of health is a priority now and need to ensure he undergoes for immediate medical check-up.

Governer of Lower Shabelle Ibrahim Aden Ali said in a joint press conference on Sunday “Early this morning around 6:00 AM local time, we were informed a handcuffed man lying in a farm outside Afgooye, then security members rushed to scene and took the journalist from there and brought into Afgooye town, the journalist couldn’t speak well at that time so, we decided to transfer him to Mogadishu to receive an urgent medical assistance and now we handed over his case to police”

Secretary General of National Union of Somali Journalists Mohamed Moalimuu who also spoke at the joint press conference in Somalia’s police headquarter thanks security agencies and anyone else who contributed to the release of the abducted journalist but highlighted that investigation of the case is key.
“We demand to the Somali security agencies including police to investigate this case genuinely and bring in front of the justice the perpetrators who behind his abduction, we don’t want this conference to be the end of this case “ Moalimuu added.

Commander of Somalia police operation General Ahmed Hassan Maalin said that they were chasing the case of kidnapped journalist Hanad since yesterday and from now police will keep on investigations of the crime against the innocent journalist. While the journalist is in the hospital the police will assist him including his security the General said.

A journalist Hanad Ali Guled from the independent Somali television station Goobjoog was abducted at gunpoint Saturday April 1, 2017 outside Mogadishu.